At-home breast health monitoring
to facilitate early detection of breast cancer.

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Breast cancer is the second most prevalent cancer in the world with 2.3 million cases registered in 2021.

In the UK alone, it claims lives of 31 women everyday. 1 in 7 women are predicted to have an incidence of breast cancer within their lifetime.

With early detection,survival rates increase upto 93%

Limited resources to
perform breast self-checks.

Breast cancer may/maynot exhibit any physical changes on the surface of the skin, hence its suggested that we perform self-checks on a regular basis. 

However, the form of guidance that exists is limited to demonstrations and pamphlets and fail to assist women to differentiate between a baseline normal and a change of concern.

Guided breast self-checks each month.

We aim to equip women with our patent pending technology, which offers a handheld device that pairs with Dotplot’s mobile application to help perform a seamless breast self-check every month. 

We predict and remind the user for self-check based of their menstrual cycle and personalise the self-check by creating a 3D model of their torso.

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We ensure you reach your healthcare provider in time.

Dotplot is a non-diagnostic tool flagging tool that compares the current month’s reading to the baseline created with the first scan. It keeps an eye out for any such abnormal changes.

It is able to generate a report that highlights any concerning changes to easily communicate with the healthcare professional. 

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