Our mission

Elimimate guesswork & confusion while performing a breast self check.

Over 200 women that we have spoken to have reported their struggles whilst conducting a breast self check. These struggles account for 3 major challenges 
- failing to remember what breast tissues felt like last month.
- ensuring all areas are checked 
- struggling to communicate what they are feeling when seeing their doctors

Having analysed each of these issues we are determined to resolve them with Dotplot

We are always keen to hear from women themselves about their routines and engagement with breast health. Tell us about your experience of self-checks  ︎︎︎

Contribute to ongoing medical research, femtech research and female well-being


Breast shape, volume and composition change wtih every hormonal cycle. The needs of a woman when it comes to looking after their breast health are different based on where they are in their lives. We are looking for various research partners to work alongside with a goal to enhance female wellbeing.  

We are open to any such conversation with universities, research organisations and companies, please get in touch  ︎︎︎

We are passionate about raising breast health awareness.

We are all aware of the importance of early detection. We want to make early detection more actionable by working with various cancer charities, research centres, hospitals and pharmacies to directly engage with consumers to make them more breast health aware.

If you believe there is any scope of collaboration to  raise breast health awareness,please get in touch  ︎︎︎

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